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Ever felt like you were at an amazingly beautiful place for photography but didn’t recognize where that place actually is ? This feature will let you remember your physical location, so that you can come back to the same place in future for spending good time.

Because of some limited functionality of the smartphone inbuilt camera for location, developers introduce some amazing apps that develop only for custom stamps for pictures. These photography apps allow us to add the current place name on the photo while capturing it.

Some photography apps have their own camera for adding Geotag on photos and other apps allow you to capture pictures with the smartphone’s default camera for GPS stamp. GPS Map Camera Lite is one of those Geotag apps among others that allow this functionality.

GPS Map Camera Lite app allows you to tag photos with location, Compass Direction, Date & Time. Before taking a picture from your mobile camera, you have to just select from these above features what you want to add in the picture. These features have multiple formations so that you can choose from them whatever you like to put.

So there are different functions available to customize your stamps as we mention above. Now before going anywhere just hold your mobile phone, open this app and select options that you wanna add and be ready to make your memorable story of Life.

Key features Of App

  • Change Photo Resolution whatever you like
  • Add Compass Coordinates on the picture
  • Displaying Coordinates in many ways
  • Add Compass Direction in two types
  • Add Unit in two variety
  • Add Date & Time From Multiple Format Options

GPS Map Camera Lite: Geotag Photo Location is a free android app on the play store that is being used to record your position while you’re taking great photos. This app  is compatible with mostly used Android smartPhones.

Install instructions

So Here you can see this Stunning  GPS Map Camera Lite: Geotag Photo Location App. Download Right now and be ready to make your memories!!!


GPS Map Camera Lite: Geotag Photo Location 6 MB

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